Karmvir Group

Karmvir –  Group is a professionally managed young real estate development group. The Team comprises of experienced real estate professionals. Our core values are transparent dealings, uncompromising quality, customer focus and strong process orientation.

The Group is focused on enabling a quality lifestyle to the ever evolving and aspiring consumers. We seek to achieve reduction in cost and project timeline through process innovation and value engineering.


Karmvir Group started in Gujarat more than a decade ago and the portfolio consists of 14 completed projects covering 2.5 Million SF of built up area and 2 Million SF is under construction. Another eight projects in Gujarat totaling approx. 28,00,000 SF of space is slated to come up soon. Karmvir Group is currently in the process of launching 5 high quality but affordable projects in convenient locations in suburban Mumbai totaling approx. 700,000 SF

Focus on Select Markets

Karmvir   Group has acquired high degree of expertise, familiarity and credibility in the affordable housing market in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Kolkata and is currently developing many High-End residential projects in Mumbai. The group has been successful in obtaining clear titles and regulatory approvals for construction in a timely manner. Karmvir  Group has extensive experience of working with the real estate regulatory system and has deep knowledge of the regulations and benefits arising out of these regulations.

Execution Capability

The promoters of the group have to their credit the timely completion of various projects. The promoters have been in the real estate business for more than a decade and have extensive project execution experience. In fact, many of the projects undertaken by the group have been completed before time.

Innovation & Creativity

Karmvir  Group is indulged in continuous process of innovation and creativity.

Talent Management

At Karmvir  Group, we are a close knit family. We believe in a culture that emphasizes on customer centricity, teamwork and process of continuous innovation and improvement with open and transparent communication. Members at Karmvir  Group share a common sense of Mission & Vision. We believe work culture is key to high performance. Positive rewards and recognition for the performance motivate our members to strive harder. We constantly strive to recruit the best candidates. We lay emphasis on attracting, developing and retaining world-class talent